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It is not necessary that our body reacts visibly to whatever is happening inside. Our changing lifestyle and food patterns put us at risk of diseases, particularly children who fall in the riskier line. Routine health checkups can serve as proactive measures to safeguard your well-being, enabling early diagnosis, timely intervention, and management. However, with necessary precautions and regular health checkups, you can secure your kid a healthy and happy childhood. Childhood, the decisive phase that impacts your well-being during adulthood, must be assured proper physical, mental, and brain development. Routine healthcare checkups are a surefire way to benefit children by helping diagnose any conditions in their early stages, recommending lifestyle and dietary changes, monitoring growth, and checking if they are progressing appropriately for their age, starting from infancy. Therefore, it is imperative for your child to undergo regular health checkups to ensure growth and development and steer clear of any potential chances of diseases. Fortunately, various hospitals in Kuwait offer advanced and first-rate pediatric services, where you can easily schedule appointments with some of the best pediatricians in the country. Taiba, a multispecialty hospital in Kuwait, offers its exclusive Kids Wellness package that helps your child stay proactive and on top of scheduled visits, follow-ups, and vaccinations while actively safeguarding your child’s health and setting them up for a bright future. 

It would be best if you also remembered that regular checkups are beneficial and rewarding as you get to see your child develop and grow better under the careful guidance of healthcare professionals. Taiba Hospital, housing the best pediatrics in Kuwait, aims to safeguard and improve children’s health with its Kids Wellness Package. It is an all-in-one package that fully evaluates your child’s overall health and holds tremendous value in guaranteeing the holistic health and development of children. They also foster healthy lifestyle habits from a young age, setting the foundation for lifelong well-being. The package provides a structured approach to tracking growth milestones while ensuring children thrive as they should. The Kids Wellness Package includes the following:

  • Consultation and physical examination with a pediatrician: Taiba, with its best pediatrics in Kuwait, incorporates consultation and physical examination with a pediatrician as the first phase of the package for early detection and prevention of health issues, monitoring growth and development, ensuring timely vaccinations, and offering personalized healthcare advice. 
  • Consultation and Oral Evaluation with a dentist: Dental evaluation helps identify and address any dental problems early, preventing them from worsening and requiring more extensive treatments. Regular dental checkups allow dentists to monitor the child’s oral development and guide and promote oral hygiene practices from a young age. 
  • Blood Tests: The blood tests included in the package are:
    • CBC: Complete Blood Count test helps detect anemia, inflammation, infection, and various medical conditions and makes way for timely treatment.
    • Random Blood Sugar: It randomly measures the blood sugar level to screen the children for diabetes and estimate their blood sugar levels.
    • Vitamin D: Vitamin D levels decide children’s immunity, bone health, and overall well-being. This test evaluates Vitamin D levels in children to analyze their growth and development and check for any risk of health issues.
    • Iron: Iron deficiency weakens your child and affects cognitive development. This test measures iron levels to detect anemia.

Taiba Hospital, one of the private hospitals in Kuwait, has garnered a reputation for providing one of the best medical services in the country. Upholding the motto, ‘Live.Love.Taiba,’ the hospital continues to excel in educating, creating awareness, and aiding to attend to their health through specialized professionals, preventive care packages, and campaigns.

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