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The onset of the second millennium has witnessed the founding of Taiba Hospital by the distinguished ENT Consultant Dr. Sanad Al Fadala. With professional experience amassing four decades, he cemented his vision in inaugurating Kuwait’s first one-day surgery center. Taiba was a clinic until 2006, when it acquired the license to operate as the fully-functional Taiba Hospital. This achievement was the catalyst in elevating the institution’s stature to that of being the first private healthcare provider in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate.

The success of any institution lies, first and foremost, with our caregivers. Their diligent work throughout the years withstood the challenges that came with working in such a challenging yet rewarding field. This is why we confidently proclaim our capabilities in providing thorough, all-inclusive services to our patients regardless of age or condition. This is in addition to housing the nation’s top Orthopedic Center.

Taiba Hospital is composed of 22 departments with a selection of some of the nation’s finest consultants and specialists. Following its expansion in 2018, it now accommodates 121 beds.

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A person’s ultimate happiness comes from the satisfaction of helping others, there is no greater joy than when a doctor sees his or her patient recovering.

Our duty as doctors requires that we spare no effort in caring for the patient as a unique individual. My vision is to build a hospital that believes in exactly that same principal, making the patient our priority.

I am humbled and proud to see the growth that we have achieved in Taiba Hospital over the past 20 years. This was only made possible as a result of choosing talented people who have worked hard to make this dream become a reality. Growth is dynamic, and the change is fast in the Healthcare industry. Consistent innovation is how we remain at the forefront of excellence. We ensure our caregivers are the best by continuously offering extensive access to development and growth. Taiba Hospital will continue to be successful for one reason only, and that is we are not scared to change, grow and develop to be better.

Board of Directors

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Dr. Sanad Alfadala

“Taiba Clinic” was named after Dr. Sanad Al Fadala’s late mother, Taiba Sayed Yaseen Al Tabtabai. It is also worth mentioning that the woman behind the idea of naming the hospital, the late Fatima Sulaiman Ibrahim Al Mussalem, the wife of Dr. Sanad Al Fadala.

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Rashed Sanad Alfadala
Chief Executive Officer, Elaj Healthcare

Rashed is the CEO of Elaj Healthcare overseeing the corporate affairs and development of partnerships.

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Abdulmohsin Al Mukhaizeem
Board Member

Abdulmohsin is a seasoned investment professional with 20+ years of experience in the MENA region, with a strong emphasis on alternative investments, strategic and operational enhancement.

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Tom Spies
Board Member

Tom Spies is a Senior Director in Finance. He is currently esponsible for personalizing patients journeys to grow organic revenue across the network and increase market share.

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Dr. Ahmad Al Fadhli
Board Member

Dr. Ahmad Al-Fadhli, Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist and head of the department in Taiba hospital and Mubarak Hospital.

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Dr. Bader Alhashel
Board Member

Dr. Bader Alhashel is an associate professor of Finance & Financial Institutions at Kuwait University. He received his PhD in Finance from Indiana University-Bloomington where he also received an MBA and a Masters in Business. His undergraduate degree is in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering from Kuwait University. He is a CFA chartholder. His research has been published in numerous internationally recognized journals focusing on corporate governance and investments.  He has worked as a consultant and trainer with various institutions including KFH, NBAQ, PAMA, and Boubyan Bank.