Taiba Hospital works with the ‎most reputable insurance companies‏ ‏regionally and globally. Please visit the ‎insurance offices located on the ground ‎floor for any questions and queries.‎

Taiba Hospital has tie-ups with the most reputable insurance companies regionally and globally. Please visit our Insurance Office, located on the ground floor, or any reception desk for more details.

You cannot apply for a health insurance plan at Taiba Hospital. So, visit your workplace’s HR Department to find out more about its healthcare insurance coverage or visit any other healthcare insurance companies. We also have a Gulf Insurance Group (GIG) booth available on our premises to enroll in the AFYA program.

Your insurance card and civil ID must be provided at all times when availing treatment.Read your insurance policy carefully, especially the exclusions paragraphs.All admissions require the insurance company’s pre-authorization. So, please apply ahead of time as pre-authorization protocols may take one hour to seven days.Medication will be dispensed for the period of the insurance card’s validity only.Some insurance policies include a patient deductible (fixed amount or a fixed percentage).Most insurance policies do not cover health checkup packages and screening tests.