The Emergency Department at Taiba Hospital features 22 bed cubicles, dedicated procedure and recovery rooms, a cast room, an isolation room, and a resuscitation bay. Our connection with international experts in Emergency Medicine enables us to stay at the forefront of the field. Through our Faculty Development Program, we offer our doctors training opportunities to ensure they provide the highest level of care.


Our board-certified Emergency Physicians are adept at diagnosing and resuscitating patients in all emergency situations, including:

  • Life-threatening cases.
  • Limb-threatening cases.
  • Sight-threatening cases.

Our team is also skilled in:

  • Utilizing Point of Care Ultrasound to make immediate diagnoses at the bedside, accredited by the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society.
  • Administering procedural sedation to enhance patient comfort during medical procedures.

Beyond attending to current patients, we are committed to advancing emergency care. We conduct quality improvement studies and explore new techniques to enhance patient satisfaction. Our department provides care for patients of all ages, genders, and clinical backgrounds, regardless of their symptoms.

  • Dr. Essam Alayoub

    Head of Department, Specialist of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Abdulrahman Ali Hussain

    Consultant of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Esam Aldeen Abdullah

    Specialist of Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Ali Mohsen

    Specialist of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Mohammed Al Omani

    Senior Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Hussein Aldulaimi

    Registrar of Senior Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Wajid Abdulhafeez

    Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Hesham Saad Alrefayi

    Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Tariq Ahmad Gull

    Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Abdelrahman Abdullah

    Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Rassed Dayekh

    Registrar of Internal Medicine





Ground Floor, Taiba Hospital, Kuwait