Taiba Hospital Emergency Department consists of 22 bed cubicles, procedure & recovery rooms, cast room, isolation room, & resuscitation bay. Having a network with international counterparts in the field allows us to discuss cutting-edge topics in Emergency Medicine & offer training opportunities for our doctors through our Faculty Development Program to ensure that the highest level of care is maintained.


Our board-certified Emergency Physicians are trained to diagnose, resuscitate all emergency cases, & eliminate the following:

  • Life-threatening cases
  • Limb-threatening cases
  • Sight-threatening cases

Our caregivers are also trained in:

  • Point of Care Ultrasound to rule out emergent diagnoses at the patients’ bedside (Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society)
  • Procedural sedation, when needed to ensure the patients’ comfort during procedures Besides serving today’s patients, we are also working to improve the future delivery of emergency care by conducting a number of quality improvement studies exploring new techniques to satisfy our patients. We provide care for patients with any symptoms, clinical background, age group, or gender.
  • Dr. Essam Alayoub

    Head of Department, Emergency Medicine Specialist

  • Dr. Esam Aldeen Abdullah

    Internal Medicine Specialist

  • Dr. Ali Mohsen

    Emergency Medicine Specialist

  • Dr. Mohammed Al Omani

    Senior Registrar of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Hussein Aldulaimi

    Senior Emergency Medicine Registrar

  • Dr. Wajid Abdulhafeez

    Emergency Medicine Registrar

  • Dr. Hesham Saad Alrefayi

    Emergency Medicine Registrar

  • Dr. Tariq Ahmad Gull

    Emergency Medicine Registrar

  • Dr. Rassed Dayekh

    Internal Medicine Registrar

  • Dr. Abdelrahman Abdullah

    Emergency Medicine Registrar





Ground Floor, Taiba Hospital, Kuwait