Pandemic Drill


8:21 AM

Kuwait, December 23, 2019: As part of its continued commitment to uphold the best quality and patient safety standards in healthcare in Kuwait, Taiba Hospital performed an emergency pandemic mock drill to ensure the preparedness of its medical caregivers and their collective ability to manage the challenges of a pandemic or any other emergency.

The drill was successfully held on December 23rd by the Infection Control Committee at Taiba Hospital and in partnership with the Department of Medical Emergencies at the Ministry of Health. The drill emphasized on the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to achieve healthcare integration for patients in Kuwait.

Taiba Hospital aimed in the drill to confirm the readiness of its medical caregivers in treating various simulated emergency cases, activate its emergency response plan, ensure efficiency in working with involved parties, and place objectives that aim to raise the level of performance and safety in caring for patients and the community as a whole.

CEO Lama Al-Fadala extended her gratitude to all parties who have participated in the drill, affirming the importance of conducting such drills on a regular basis to ensure the hospital is fully prepared to manage any situation.

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