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Becoming a mother is a huge step and milestone for a woman. It can be exciting, scary, exhausting, joyful, and more often it is all of these things combined together and more. Choosing the right hospital and team to help you step more comfortably into your new role can completely transform the experience from being boss level hard to easy. Not only does Taiba Hospital understand how vulnerable a woman might feel as she embarks on this exciting but challenging new journey, they have also created a complete solution that makes it as simple and easy for the expectant mother as they can.

We spoke to head nurse and midwife, Jyothi Lenetdanthi who told us more about the experience and what to expect (when you are

expecting, sorry not sorry). She explained that the first thing they have to do when a mom-tobe arrives is to give her a warm welcome and help her feel comfortable and relaxed. Pregnancy and childbirth are a challenging transition into motherhood and knowing that the people who will

take you through it understand and have designed their system to make it as smooth as possible will help you move forward in confidence.

Because Taiba Hospital’s departments are all tightly coupled together and follow a collaborative approach to provide the best service for their patients, the gynecology department communicates with the obstetrics department to make signing in a simple procedure and the

nurses already have access to all the information and health records they need to provide the best medical care when it comes to the life transforming journey of delivery. Towards the end of the pregnancy the doctor and the mom create a birth plan together. The plan is then communicated to the rest of the team, so they can make sure that the mom’s wishes are taken into account. If the delivery date is planned

a date is arranged with the Obstetrician ahead of time, if the mother arrives at the hospital before her due date she is taken to see the doctor right away to decide whether they can proceed with a normal birth or if she needs a C-section. The team of eleven nurses is highly trained

to respond and react to whatever the situation might be. The mom-to-be only needs to show up and bring a very small bag. Unlike many other

places, Taiba provides everything from disposable slippers to newborn diapers. All that is needed in the hospital bag is a night gown and a toothbrush for mom and a darling outfit for the little bundle of joy on the way. But the cutest thing they offer is the baby’s first footprint, a keepsake that can be kept forever and marks the joyous occasion. The delivery rooms are comfortable, spacious and equipped with everything the medical staff needs to bring the baby to the world. And the operating theater is only a couple of meters away, just in case surgery is needed. Because of COVID restrictions only one family member is allowed in the room while the mom is delivering, and unsurprisingly many women opt for their own mothers to be their choice of emotional support. Perhaps, it is fitting that a mom should witness the birth of her grandchild and her daughter joining the mom club at the same moment. But even if there isn’t a close relative, the Taiba team are the kindest and gentlest there is and will provide genuine and heartfelt care. Taiba Hospital was awarded the Baby Friendly Hospital Accreditation in 2015. To fate they are the only private hospital in Kuwait to receive it. This means that they promote, protect and support breastfeeding. The staff is trained and policies are routinely updated and communicated with everyone. Before delivery a lactation specialist will educate the mom-to-be on the benefits and management of breastfeeding. They also help mothers initiate breastfeeding within a half-hour of the birth by starting with skin-to-skin contact. The baby is dried and laid directly on the mom’s chest after birth for the first feed, an essential step that is often overlooked at most health institutions in Kuwait. The lactation specialist will also visit the mom after the birth to provide needed support. A pediatrician also visits to check the baby’s vitals, weight, height and general health. The coordination and integration of all the needed teams makes delivering and health care at Taiba Hospital a pleasant and comforting experience.

We asked Jyothi Lenetdanthi what she thought moms needed to know before giving birth. “Take care of your health first,” she told

us. She explained that before the baby arrives, women should focus on their nutrition, hydration and appropriate exercise. If mom is healthy,

it is definitely going to be much better for her.

Giving birth might be the biggest first milestone a mother crosses, and the rest of the journey isn’t always going to be easy, but delivering can be with Taiba Hospital.

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