A message from our CEO – Lama AlFadala to our caregivers (COVID19)

I would like to say how proud I am to have you as part of our Taiba Hospital family. Since the beginning of this crisis, I have witnessed your unwavering support and commitment for that, we are all very grateful. You have shown true integrity in your work, compassion for our patients and each other, taken accountability in your roles as our nation’s caregivers — and all while doing so with the utmost respect for your team members and unmatched excellence in performing your duties

We find ourselves facing a crisis that is not only asking us to gather all our strength, but to do so together, for we cannot fight this virus alone. For many of us, it seems like we all — in some way or another — have been touched by this virus. Almost overnight, we have witnessed nation-wide healthcare systems struggle, major businesses shut down, and worldwide economies grow increasingly unstable. And just as quickly, our global efforts were redirected to one goal: to flatten the curve. We are all doing our share as part of a collective worldwide effort to slow this pandemic down and control the outbreak.

Our Ministry of Health has displayed a sense of utmost transparency during these crucial times. We are blessed to be living in a nation in which our government not only did not hesitate in taking the necessary precautionary measures to control the spread of the virus but did so early.

At Taiba Hospital, we are proud to be among the private hospitals serving our country during these difficult times. From the start, we have been carefully following the Ministry of Health’s instructions related to the national COVID-19 response, and quickly put together our hospital’s own COVID-19 action team. This team has worked continuously to ensure Taiba Hospital receives the most updated information from MOH and from the World Health Organization.

The future may be uncertain, but we have plans, and as our caregivers, you deserve to be the first to know. We have prepared the hospital to support the country. We are working to ensure we have a business continuity that will allow flexibility in supporting the hospital mission should additional travel restrictions occur. Our supply department has been actively engaged in a world-wide search to secure the supplies needed to support the running of the hospital in a safe manner. And while hospitals all around the world are cutting costs, our plan for the next few months is to continue to preserve our cash reserves for as long as possible. |Payroll adjustments were made only after carefully examining all options. They represent our best efforts to preserve jobs now and for the foreseeable future. Our caregivers are our priority, and you can rest assured that all decisions are taken only after factoring in every single member of our Taiba Hospital family.

After our recent adjustment, I received numerous messages from many of our caregivers. It was heartwarming and humbling to read what seemed to be one united message, voiced loud and clear: “We are here, and we care.”

We are here, and we will get through this together. With all of us working together we can ensure “Taiba patients come first, (because) our caregivers make it happen”

I am forever humbled and grateful. Please stay safe.

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