Taiba Hospital holds second Healthcare Quality Symposium for Kuwait’s medical caregivers


8:38 AM

Kuwait, December 07, 2019: Taiba Hospital concluded its second annual Healthcare Quality Symposium held under the title “‘A Spectrum of Opportunities'” and attended by more than 200 local doctors, nurses and administrators working in the field of health and medical care in Kuwait.

The Symposium comes as part of Taiba Hospital’s 2019 strategy and commitment to its role in promoting health and medical knowledge within the community, supporting its needs and engaging directly with patients through three main pillars which are “Taiba Cares”, “Taiba Connects” and “Taiba Educates”.

Speaking on the success of the Symposium in its second year, Taiba Hospital Chief Executive Office, Lama Al Fadala, said: “While technology and science continue to advance in the medical sector, addressing patient needs, ensuring their safety and system efficiency, as well as improving quality, are critical in the healthcare system and require continuous investments and knowledge sharing to reach optimal performance levels.

“We at Taiba Hospital place quality at the top of our priorities and continue to invest in its improvement to ultimately maintain the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of our medical facilities. Our quality approach today aims to streamline the input, process and output to meet the needs of an integrated and superior healthcare service for the benefit of our patients and caregivers.”

The annual Healthcare Quality Symposium is organized by the Quality Management Office of Taiba Hospital. The Office is led by Dr. Aysha John, Dental Surgeon and Chief Quality Officer at Taiba Hospital, who presented a paper on ways of improving the “Quality of Reporting Safety Incidents” in a medical institution.

In addition to Dr. Aysha John’s paper, the Symposium comprised five additional presentations by leading practitioners from the Middle East, in addition to a series of workshops.

Opening the event was Dr. Fatimah Alfailakawi, Medical Laboratories Senior Technician, Safety and Risk Management Coordinator of the Farwaniya Healthcare Area in Kuwait, who gave a presentation about safety in the healthcare sector. She was followed by Dr. Ali Al Haj, Chairman and General Manager of Veritas Scientific Research and Development Council (Lebanon), who discussed the standards of quality, safety, reliability and their impact on patients’ care. Dr. Hossam Elamir, international speakers, author and healthcare consultant, then provided an overview of methods of handling disputes. Dr. Ahmed Badran, Senior Quality and Operations Specialist of Qatar Foundation, divided his presentation into two segments, the first speaking of transparency and patient safety, and the second showcasing ways of adopting the Six Sigma approach in healthcare. A presentation by Dr. Hana Al-Ghanem, Head of the Quality Indicators Program at QAD, Quality Officer at Dasman Diabetes Institute and Board Member of the Kuwait Public Health Society, touched on the importance of information technology in improving the level of services and performance.

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